Wedding Cake Checklist

Nowadays there are no strict rules about what constitutes a “perfect” wedding day. But there is one thing that you can find at almost all weddings: the wedding cake. Just imagine what a wedding would be like without a delicious and lovingly decorated wedding cake. However, the choice of a wedding cake is a very personal one and usually represents the couple’s personality and sense of style; elegant, sophisticated or maybe rather playful? There are as many options as there are couples.

Choosing a wedding cake is not an easy task but, taking into account the checklist below, you will certainly find the perfect wedding cake for you.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the ideas pointed out here. Just pick the ones that best suit your dream wedding.

Tip #1: Provide the bakery with exact delivery information (place and time) as well as directions and a map guarantees the delivering process to be carried our smoothly.

Tip #2: It is nice to have an extra table reserved for the wedding cake with enough room around it for everyone.

Tip #3: Have boxes or Tupperware to save and freeze slices for 1-year anniversary.

The complete Wedding Timeline Checklist for a wedding preparation can be found here.

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